Guest Blogging : 3 Must-Follow Rules of Successful Guest Blogging

I believe Guest blogging is no longer a new thing among bloggers, if you have been around the web for a while now; you should have come across that phrase over a thousand times.

Guest blogging is a great way to get yourself and your brand in front of new audiences and boost your Authority as a blogger in your niche. I am a big fan of guest blogging and I highly recommend it to all bloggers especially newbie bloggers who have little to no name in the blogosphere.

I have seen a lot of people getting depressed these days because their guest posts are being rejected, I even had two (2) bloggers who mailed me last week and were asking me for tips on how to go about guest blogging and get their blog posts accepted on other blogs.

So, I have decided to share with you these 3 tips which I call the 3 Must-follow Rules of guest blogging that are very important for you to follow if you want to get into the guest blogging business!

Rule 1 – Always Read the Host Blog Guest Blogging Guidelines Page

This first rule is a very important rule that must not be ignored if you are looking forward to running a successful guest blogging campaign but unfortunately, this is the most ignored rule of guest blogging.

One of the most annoying thing that most bloggers out there get is guest posts request from so-called bloggers who don’t read the guest blogging guidelines of their blog.

I also get a share of these bad behaviors; I get a bunch of emails from various so-called bloggers who want to guest post on my blog but they fail to read the guest blogging guidelines; I know very well that if they had read the guest blogging guidelines, they won’t be sending me that kind of emails they send to me.

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If you want to get into the guest blogging business and you want your post to be accepted, the first thing you need to do is to look for the guest blogging guidelines page of your target blog, virtually every blog has a dedicated page for this and they are always located in the menu of the blog usually at the top of the blog pages.

Once you land on your target blog for guest blogging, look through the blog and find linking words like – “write for us”, “guest Blogging” Submit Guest Posts” Guest Posters” or “Guest Bloggers”. These are the common words that most bloggers use to describe their guest blogging guidelines page.

Once you are able to locate the link to this page, click it and take your time to read through the guidelines so that you will know what the blog owner wants, what he does not want and what he is willing to give back to you (no. of links & so on).

Rule 2 – Write Unique Content for Your Guest Posts

Rule 2 is a simple rule but some bloggers still break this Rule of Guest Blogging.

Believe me, even with all the news, noise and hypes about duplicate contents, some so-called lazy bloggers still try to submit duplicate contents and refurbished articles as guest posts.

I have had some few guys who mailed rewritten and copied articles to me as guest posts on my blog; I just ignored their mail and never replied them again.

It is very annoying when you try to pitch a copied or refurbished article to other bloggers as guest posts, there is no way you will do such thing and expect a positive response from the host blogger; in many cases, the host blogger will blacklist you and he will not accept your guest posts again in the near future even if you are now sending in a unique piece.

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If you are going to get into the guest blogging business, you should always strive to produce unique content for your host blog; you should try to be creative and write articles that will interest the host blog readers and as well be unique to the host blog alone!

This second rules is a rule that must be obeyed! No blogger out there needs duplicate/copied articles on their blog, only unique contents are allowed for guest blogging.

Rule 3 – Always Respond to Comments

Guest blogging is not a hit and run thing! You can’t just drop your article on a blog and disappear into thin air!

Blogging means interaction and socialization and there can never be an interaction on a blog when there are no comments. Participation in the comment section is an important rule of guest blogging that must not be ignored.

The interaction on a blog takes place in the form of comments and it is highly important that you are PRESENT and participate fully in the discussions that take place on your guest posts.

It is not acceptable to drop guest posts on a blog and not come back to respond to readers comments, questions and observation. It is your duty to check often to see if there are new comments and reply to them diligently.

If you don’t reply to comments, you may get your guest post removed by the blog owner or get your links to remove or author information removed. The blog owner will decide what to do at his own discretion; if it were to be me, I will just remove the links to your blog.

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Guest blogging is a great and reliable tool to market your blog and yourself to the world. A lot of people have built an online empire by making use of guest blogging as their marketing strategy.

I believe you too can achieve great success through guest blogging if you follow the above mentioned rules.

What rules do you think is the most important? Tell us about it in the comments. Or in Facebook.

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