5 Speechless SEO Questions Faced By SEO Guys

So today’s article is 5 Speechless SEO Questions Faced By SEO Guys. SEO ( Search Engine Optimization) is one of the biggest curly twisty creepy and brainy stuff on the internet.Becoming a real SEO expert is damn too tough.

Every month or every six months google develops something new breaking all those old shits and that makes the SEO guy feel so bad about his deadly situation. His money, clients, commitments all boom! SEO experts like Neil Patel can really make big wonders with the web. But there are certain levels of SEO and reaching those positions and stuff takes time.

Basically, when some contacts an SEO guy, they probably ask a lot of questions and make the SEO guy forget about Google. One of the main reasons behind it is that these clients don’t even know several things related to SEO. They don’t really know how it works, they don’t know about the time it takes and the money it whoops. They just want solid ranks within a certain period of time. Most SEO’s accept these orders for a low price but they do nothing, seriously they can’t do anything because they accepted it for some bucks, nothing else and they’re stuck.

Anyways let’s discuss some Seo questions and answers SEO guy often hear and the clients often ask 

1. I need to rank this within 2 days .Can you make it?

Within 2 days OMG! what am I hearing, Matt Cutts are you listening to all these stuffs? Bro, you cannot just go to google’s office and beat the shit out to rank on the first page within 2 days.Its seo it takes time, may be a lot of time.The keyword is too competitive, I cannot do this job sorry to say I cannot rank this within 2 days.

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SEO Questions Reply: Oh, then why the hell you took my money? give it to me back.I know SEO can be done within 2 days, many of my friends said they’ll rank it within a day and you fool check fiverr, you can see a lot of bids related to this.Are you fooling me?

PS : SEO cannot be done or ranking cannot be done within 2 days, if you’re a client please try to understand that SEO takes time, a lot of time may be and it depends on the keyword.We cannot just spam around to get a solid rank within 2 days.Its not easy as you think.

2. I’ll pay you $100, rank my website for the keyword “Facebook” I’ll give you 2 months time.Fine?

Where am I actually? In Saturn? or Mars? are you sure about the keyword? are you f****ng kidding me? Bro, you want to rank your website within 2 months and for the keyword “Facebook” and that too for $100 this is too horrible. I just can’t do that, If I was doing the same with my blog then I’m the second billionaire in this world :(.

SEO Questions Reply: Ohk, leave it.Thanks for your co-operation.I know some guys who do this job for $80 I’ll pick them.

PS : Keyword is one of the important stuff working behind SEO.You cannot just go and rank your website for the keyword “Facebook” with $100 investment.Just imagine, if the SEO guy does the same for $100 or self work investment then he’ll get at least 100k traffic a day and that can help him make $200 a day with adsense  don’t be silly.

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3. Backlinks? what are they? How much it costs?

Backlinks are links of our website on other websites, like they refer us.It helps in boosting the rank and the cost depends on the PR and other stuffs.To grab a quality link it costs around $20- $100+ per link. 

SEO Questions Reply: Holy  Cow! $100 per link is too high.You’re fooling me, you’ll take my money and get links for $2 or $3 per link.Just check fiverr they’re offering 20k backlinks for just $5.Are you a real SEO or?

PS : Backlinks have different parameters to pass juice.A quality backlink may cost more than $1000/link and it has the double benefits of anyother backlinks.Its not easy as you think, the SEO expert has spent a lot of time to analyze the best backlink juice method to help your website, respect that.The links you get from Fiverr ($5) is a complete waste.

4. I cannot even see my website on Google ,whats happening?

Actually, it takes time, I’ve started with Onpage SEO and backlink building. After some days it will start showing. You can check the details at Google webmasters tools. Try to understand SEO takes time.

SEO Questions Reply: Ok, I know it takes time.I’m just asking.  anyways can I see that tonight?

PS : The web is fast but SEO is still slow.The impact for each stuffs we do takes time to get shown.Don’t worry about anything, keep calm and be patient.

5. You’re eating all my money ? what the hell are you doing?

Actually, I’ve worked both on On Page and Off Page side, it takes time and your budget was low. I need more backlinks and other stuff to rank this out. Invest some more money to make things fast.

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SEO Questions Reply: You want more money? you made me bankrupt and you asking for more money ? F*** you 

PS: SEO guys are not eating all your money. Backlinks and SEO works are eating all your money. It’s a risky game called SEO, the guarentee rate is damn too low. Don’t make him feel bad about what he did.

Actually SEO is difficult and it takes time, google is acting weird so the SEO guys cannot just give a time guarantee or rank guarantee.If you’re a good client, then please don’t ask these questions to an SEO guy.Cool him down and ask him to understand whats happening and whats wrong and give him good support because every SEO guy always dream of that kinda client.You have to pay him good else things go weird, Real quality SEO is costly.

Never get into the traps of wrong SEO’s they do spamming and will kill your site.Seek an expert advice before contacting someone for SEO.Ask about his works.If someone is a real SEO he should be earning some good money with his talents.Keep that in mind, have a great day.

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