A Newbie Guide To OnPage SEO In 2021

Today’s article is A Newbie Guide To OnPage SEO In 2021: Get Started With SEO. Hmm, Feeling like reading an article which you read many times? Maybe anyway,This is going to be a UNIQUE one from my point of view. All my Blogging friends are asking me to tell them what is SEO, Onpage SEO, and Off Page SEO.So I decided to write a Post on On Page SEO which is going to help you all guys to make up your post an SEO-ready post as well as to get good search traffic.

What is SEO ?

Yes, SEO is kind of like CEO. Just kidding. Actually, SEO means Search Engine Optimization where we use many strategies to get Search Engine Traffic.

You may get traffic from different points like Social Media or forums or let it be anything. But have you ever experienced Search Engine Traffic Especially do you what are the benefits of Search Engine Traffic? Apart from traffic SEO has many advantages like getting more money.

Interested, you may be if you are a newbie. Actually big bloggers I mean pro bloggers who are already getting a lot of traffic daily are still concentrating on SEO but why? It’s just because of money. Search Engine traffic also called Organic Traffic can boost your income in a masterly way.

“Organic Traffic has the potential to fill your wallet “

Keyword is the main part behind SEO and to be clear Keyword is everything. You know a thing that you can get $100 to $150 per click in your Adsense if you are concentrating on those Keywords. So Interested in earning $100 per click anyway Let’s learn SEO first.

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Title – Attractive

A title should be attractive and different from others. Yes, suppose if I’m giving the title “How to Do OnPage SEO” then people would think that I’m not a person who knows SEO and the click-through rate will be very low. But What if I’m attracting those peoples who are having hunger and poverty in SEO? Yes just take a look at the title: “A Newbie Guide to Onpage SEO In 2021: Get started with SEO.”

So in the old title, I’m just attracting those people who wanted to learn OnPage SEO But think of the performance of the new Title. It attracts Newbie, People who wanted to learn OnPage SEO, and even people who are getting started with SEO.So a total of 3 Targeting instead of one. Using the primary keyword in the title will surely help. Don’t know about primary keywords, don’t worry I’m discussing it down.

Keyword on OnPage SEO

The Great thing which I consider as the God of SEO! Think of a situation that you’re searching about Apple iPhone 11s then what will you get in the results.? Reviews and Official Website and even the Links of Flipkart,eBay, etc. Here the Keyword is “Apple iPhone 11s” Splitting up into part.

Primary Keyword on OnPage SEO

Here in this Keyword “Apple Iphone 5s” Apple IPhone is the primary keyword maybe you can also include 5s in that. Adding the Primary Keyword in the first paragraph of the post and in the title will really help.

Secondary Keyword on OnPage SEO

While taking “Apple IPhone 11s” into consideration please take the other keywords which are expected to come. For Eg: peoples may type like Apple IPhone new Gadget etc. So we can consider them as the secondary keywords.

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Keyword Density on OnPage SEO

Keyword density is the number of times the Primary Keywords and Secondary Keywords are used. The overuse of these keywords will lead to Keyword Stuffing and that leads to Over-optimization which is harmful to your blog.

For a Post of 700 words, use 

  • Primary Keywords: 30-35 Times
  • Maximum Secondary Keyword: 20-25 Times Maximum.

As I said overuse of these Keyword’s leads to over-optimization and can lead to a ban from Google.*

Content Quantity on OnPage SEO

Quality is so important but in the case of blogging Quantity brings some Quality too. A 700-word Posts is said to be a Quality SEO optimized post. Even the AdSense is considering this as a parameter to give approval. Writing a 700 Word SEO-optimized post may be a difficult thing for you at this kind of stage but I strongly recommend you to start training because that will help you a lot in many ways.

Let it be anything try exploding it. Try to say and explain that like you’re teaching a newbie if you follow this then I’m damn sure that you’ll surely reach a 700-word limit.

Image Optimization on OnPage SEO

Optimization also takes part in the On Page SEO dine it is a simple job. To be more clear Use keywords in Image Alt while giving the image alt names use Keywords in it. Never leave an Image without giving Alt names.
Don’t use Images that are Copyrighted here in this article you can find.

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Inter-linking Old Posts

This is really going to help you in three ways.

  • On Page SEO Score Increment
  • Decreases Bounce Rate
  • Engage with the Readers
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Interlinking posts is the best way to make people stick to your blog which will lead to a Decrease in Bounce rate and Increase in Page Views, using related posts will surely help.


In case if you’re writing a post about a product review or something like that then please make a note underneath the post explaining the source where you got the information from. Adding links will surely help in these cases.

Final Verdict

It’s not really over, there are many other On Page SEO tips to be added but Stuffing your mind as a newbie will surely make you confused. So go on and work with these tips and I’m sure that you’ll get some results out of this. Or if you use WordPress then you can use the SEO plugin for One Page optimization. If you have more doubts feel free to ask. Keep Visiting JioBlog.In

Hi, I'm Tuhin Bairagi, founder of JioBlog. A blog that provides authentic information regarding blogging, SEO, affiliate marketing, and how to Earn Money Online with blogging.

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