How To Increase Conversion Rates By Design Your Blog’s Home Page

Conversion Rates” – It’s the result after a lot of hard work. We all work hard on our blogs and marketing campaigns in order to get a good amount of sales aka conversion rates.

Suppose if you’re running a marketing campaign always check the quality of the product because that matters a lot. You need to write a lot of content, you have to market your content like anything, you’ve to do many such things to get the hell out of your blog.

So before considering the above statements, let me tell you the real conversion booster and that’s nothing but your blog’s home page. Actually, conversion doesn’t always mean making money from your marketing campaign, but when you get a lead its also considered as a conversion  Let me teach you how to change your blog’s homepage looks in order to get good conversion rates which indirectly helps you to increase your conversions, traffic, etc.

Static or Blog?

Actually, you can change your home page like JioBlog”s home page or if you don’t like it then let it be there don’t disturb your blog much. But I should say that this kinda (JioBlog Home Page) is really boosting my conversion rates which is indirectly helping me to make more money. So if you’re going to change your blog looks, then keep in mind that your aim is to attract and let your blog’s home page look professional. Because professionalism counts.


Explaining what you help you a lot in increasing your conversion rates. I’m not asking you to write a full-page article on your home page, still, write short lines that explain your blog. JioBlog is actually not considered a perfect blog, actually, I’m running an endless course where I’m teaching blogging tips and marketing tactics to a good amount of peoples every day, so I’ve to explain the course on my home page right? anything wrong it that? I don’t think so.

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Trendy Looks

Blogs and websites with more professional and trendy looks generate more conversion rate because that kinda designs can easily gain trust and quality   I’m sure that you’ll think thrice when you make online purchase from a nasty looking website, but if the website is having a pro looks with the current flat UI designs then you’ll never think thrice.So always learn the trends and work like that.Make it awesome.


If you’re a great history, then your conversion rates will be high. Let your history be a small or large one, all you can do is explaining it to your readers. Like “I’ve Worked With” and Featured On etc. Those kinda thingies will surely increase trust and conversions if you write it in a promising and convincing way.

Final Verdict

Increasing conversion rates is not easy and it takes time, so be patient. Give more time and importance to your designing works and write in a killer manner. You have to convince, you have to express and you have to explain. If you do that then conversion rates will slowly increase. All you need is patience and passion to achieve it. Keep visiting JioBlog for more of this and do let me know your views.

Hi, I'm Tuhin Bairagi, founder of JioBlog. A blog that provides authentic information regarding blogging, SEO, affiliate marketing, and how to Earn Money Online with blogging.

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