Facts About Affiliate Marketing You Should Know

If you’re following me on Facebook you might have seen some of my status updates, that I made $200 with this affiliate with that blah blah, so I’m an affiliate marketer now, And yes I’m making some good money out of affiliate marketing these days.

When I started sharing my experience about Affiliate Marketing some of my Facebook friends came to me and asked me to teach them more about affiliate marketing and the benefits. After hearing some words from them I came to know that they are looking for easy money. They don’t have an intention to recommend a good product to their readers, so here we go some facts you should know about affiliate marketing so that you won’t pitch me again.

It’s not easy

Nothing in this world is easy, but some people feel easiness while doing something and it’s just because they got a damn interest in what they are doing. Ask yourself? Are you interested in doing this? If your mind says yes, I should “Nike” just do it :p else please “No”, especially don’t fool yourself saying yes, I’m interested. Affiliate marketing is not easy and you have to learn the real clutch of marketing to get succeeded in affiliate marketing.

Right product

Choosing the right product for the right audience takes time, according to my knowledge the most time taking stuff is analyzing the products which is more comfortable with your readers and it should be converting for you as well. So it takes time, don’t always jump forward and promote a weird product just because you’ll get some good commission, that’s unethical and weird. Suggest only good and promising products so that you and your reader will be happy.

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You might have got the fear inside you when you find a good product but, the pricing is too high.Its simple, you promote it like mad and if you don’t get conversions you’ll be sad because you’re a human, don’t be sad and find the next and promote it too, failures are too mainstream in affiliate marketing, you may have a thought that those affiliate marketers out there are getting success in every product they recommend, “bullshit” there’s nothing like that, they are also experiencing mass failures for sure.


Some of the products out there, they are high-quality ones and we can recommend them without a second choice, but the pricing is too high. So will I get conversions ?? I’d suggest you not think like that. Let the pricing be 1 lakh, still promote it because the affiliate marketers use search engine marketing for massive success. Even when I started affiliate marketing I was having this fear but I tried it with full power and got what I was searching for.

I promoted SEMrush (the world’s best SEO tool) the pricing package was too high like $70 to $150 per month. I got around 4 sales this month and 1 guru sale ($150 per month pack ), I promoted WpEngine also which is quite high with their pricing package( it’s one of the best wp hosting provider) I got 1 sale breaking out $200 commission :)So what else you wanted to know?


Basically, the majority of affiliate marketers use search engine marketing as the main source of marketing because you can drive instant targeted buyers from a search engine rather than social media, where it’s too difficult to find targeted buyers. so if you’re into affiliate marketing you have to try search engine marketing to get mass success.

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That’s all I got to say and recommend, hope you get those points, do let me know more points or doubts through your comments, and have a great day, keep visiting JioBlog.

Hi, I'm Tuhin Bairagi, founder of JioBlog. A blog that provides authentic information regarding blogging, SEO, affiliate marketing, and how to Earn Money Online with blogging.

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