How Does Duplicate Content Affect Your Website SEO?

Duplicate content is what an SEO Agency always warns us about. Whether the replication of content is an accidental or deliberate action on your part or on part of those who have stolen your data, it will for sure harm your website’s search engine ranking. No matter how much you try to protect your data, it will always be vulnerable to cyber threats that aim to steal your position in the search engine’s ranking. Here is how duplicate content can affect your website’s SEO:

What is Duplicate Content?

The term duplicate content refers to the blocks of content that are either completely identical i.e. exact copy or are very similar that have very minor differences i.e. near duplicates. Although it’s hard to avoid duplicate content a conscious effort is needed for this. 

Types of Duplicate Content:

Duplicate content is of two main types:

Internal Duplicate Content: when multiple URLs are used by the same domain to create duplicate content. 

External Duplicate Content: also known as cross-domain duplicates happen when two or more domains have similar pages indexed by the search engines. 

How Duplicate Content is Bad For SEO?

Google does not impose a ban on duplicate content, but the penalty is the loss of your website’s search engine ranking. Duplicate content confuses search engines. No matter who has produced the content originally, the search engine will only rank the page based on various technicalities and there is a possibility for the original content creator to get a lower rank in search results while those who stole the content enjoy all the spotlight. 

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How to Avoid Internal Content Duplication?

On-Page ElementsTo avoid content duplication issues make sure that your every page has separate titles and meta description in HTML of page code. Moreover, each page should have unique headings from other pages of your website. If you cannot write a separate meta description for each page, exclude it, Google will automatically use the chunks of your content as meta description.

How to Avoid External Content Duplication?

Scraped Content: When a website owner steals the data from another site to increase their organic traffic. Webmasters often get the scraped content rewritten from the software. Scraped content is easy to be identified. If someone has stolen your content, you can report it to Google. 

Syndicated Content: the content that you let another website publish is known as syndicated content. This might sound unconventional, but syndicated content can increase your website’s visibility. 

Duplicate Content

How to Deal with Duplicated Content?

Creating unique and innovative content is not an easy task. How unfair it will be if you invest so much of your time and effort to produce creative content only to get it stolen by another website? The growing number of websites has increased the chances of content duplication. Combating with such threats might be difficult and time taking, but it will be worth the effort. Getting rid of such content can markedly improve your website’s search engine ranking. 


There are multiple ways with which you can identify and manage duplicate content. Cyberthreats have increased the chances of your website’s content being stolen and can affect your website’s ranking, thus letting all your efforts go in vain. Make sure to keep an eye on such scams to enhance your website’s visibility. Create good quality and original content to maintain your search engine ranking of your website. 

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