3 Content Marketing Techniques You Should Try

Today’s article is about Content Marketing. Articles rule the web, compared to the number of blogs in the whole world, the number of websites is too low. Blogs and especially the content (articles) play a very important role in the web in terms of explanations, making decisions, and many more.

We own blogs, and we write amazing content on them, where some others will read, and if they like it then they follow it. Suppose if you’re writing a useful guide then it should reach those peoples who are searching for them, so all we need is good quality content and some great content marketing strategy to market the content.

There may be a 1000 kind of content marketing strategy available out there, still your content is the king, without proper and well-structured content, you can never make it awesome and you’ll never get traffic for worst articles.Spend time to write amazing and unique articles to express and explain, but not to earn.

So let me explain to you the three well-known content marketing strategies which I’m already using and grabbing a good amount of readers from it. Before reading them, I got to say one thing. Are you interested in gaining lakhs of traffic or 1000 of high-quality pure traffic? In my case, I’m going with high-quality traffic, and I’m damn happy with the traffic I’ve too especially since this stuff works well.

Social Media Content Marketing

One of the main reason is targeting, 60% of the bloggers are simply writing articles and they’re not at all targeting the readers. If you want to make your blog awesome then target your readers before writing articles, not after writing them. Social media is one of the best ways to grab some loyal readers to your blog so that you can enjoy some good traffic, still, the conversion is less compared to search engine traffic but social media is easy  Just sharing your articles on groups and spamming on pages doesn’t make any sense.

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You have to write some highly targeted articles in order to grab some conversions from social media, and especially you have to make the content socially shareable to grab more traffic. I’m sure if you target good readers from social media then you’re article will be shared and hence you get a lot of traffic with some potential.

Search Engines

Search engines are one of the best ways to grab highly converting cool traffic. But ranking your article on SERP is not that easy as you think. The main thing most people try out is that they build spammy links to their blogs and articles to grab the ranking. I should say that’s the worst method one can ever do, but, on the other hand, if you’re working hard creating some quality links then your rank is so strong and you’ll be there ranking for years, not like those spammers  Especially the new algorithms of Google are giving a lot of importance to content, so take care of your content and build quality Backlinks I’m sure you’ll get something cool.

Email Marketing

Email marketing cannot be done by newbies because you need a good quality email list to do so, if you’re a newbie you may start content marketing with the above-written points. If you’re a blogger with a good email list then move on and play rock and roll with your email list, still don’t spam them. Email marketing is one of the best ways to grab massive traffic and high conversions. In some email lists, the conversion rates are damn too high. So concentrate on email marketing a lot because that helps in all the ways.

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I hope you learned something new, try this method and I’m damn sure you’ll see results especially some great results and it will fit your needs sure have a great day, and keep visiting JioBlog.

Hi, I'm Tuhin Bairagi, founder of JioBlog. A blog that provides authentic information regarding blogging, SEO, affiliate marketing, and how to Earn Money Online with blogging.

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