7 Killer Tips you should know to Choose a Perfect Affiliate Program

Hi There, I’m coming back with a new post: Choose a Perfect Affiliate Program. That will be useful for all affiliate marketers and newbies. We know that Affiliate marketing is the best and efficient way to generate more money from your blog. I know so many newbie bloggers who try very hard to start affiliate marketing and make little bucks from it. I think this post will help them to survive with Affiliate Marketing.

I hope you know what is Affiliate Marketing before reading this post. If you didn’t know it, find some time to search on google and read articles about it (I have no time to explain about it here). So, the next problem is choosing a best and profitable Affiliate program according to your niche. Yes, there are so many affiliate programs in this blogosphere. So, which to choose and how to choose? This article will be guide line for you!!! You want to do a little research about the product you want to promote. Use the below tips to find one and start earning…!!!

1. Choose an Affiliate Program that can join for Free

Most of the affiliate programs that available now is completely free of charge. But, there are a biggest number of affiliate programs that charge fee from us to join. I recommend you to join the free programs (For beginners). Because, it didn’t affect your pocket if you can’t make a sale of it.

2. Try to know about the brain behind the Product

Having a idea and knowledge about the retailer, who sell that product is a must important for a affiliate marketer. We can’t earn a bit money, if you didn’t know about it. We want to know about the product, devolaper, background, price, uses, benefits, How to use it, disadvantages…etc. I suggest you to write a review about it. Check some reviews of some products i selected to promote.

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3. Choose a affiliate program that pays more commission

The commission is the biggest source of income you can generate from affiliate marketing. As a human being with having a brain and common sense, I’m sure that you would choose a program that pays more commission. Most of the affiliate programs pay you 20% – 80%. I recommend you to choose 50% programs. Some bigger programs have the courage to give 80% – 100%. HostGator will give you 100% commission if you sell 21+ host spaces.

4. Consider the Hit per sale ratio

Hit per sale ratio is the average number of hits to a affiliate product advertisement banner or text links. It takes to generate a sale based on all affiliate statistics. It is very important to choose a perfect affiliate program. Because, it tells you how much traffic you must generate to that sales page before you can earn a commission from it.

5. Choose affiliate programs that also pay for the hits and impression

Most affiliate programs are based on the commission. But, there are few programs that pay you for the hits and impressions you giving to the banner or link beside the commissions on the sale. It will help you to make more, even you didn’t make a sale.

#6: Choose affiliate programs that gives complete statistics

Check the affiliate programs completely before promoting the product. You want to choose a program that gives you complete statistics contains clicks, impressions, sales, etc. Popular affiliate networks like Clickbank, Shareasale have these features. But, you want to consider it for your better tomorrow.

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#7: Know the time interval that issue the commission check

The most affiliate programs pay the commission check via Check and Paypal. You want to consider the date they issue the commission check. Affiliate programs are different based on it. Most loving time intervals are once a month and quarter. Select a program that is suitable for you. Also consider the minimum amount to get paid.

It is your turn 

I hope you loved these tips to choose a perfect affiliate program. If you have another tip I didn’t mention above, please share it with me and my valuable readers. Share it on your social network too…

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